Croatia: Subversive Forum in Zagreb (May 13-19, 2012)

Through a critical examination of Europe’s current crisis, the Subversive Forum will try to outline realistic possibilities for its transformation and the creation of another political, social and economic project across the Old Continent. The international conference of the Forum, "The Future of Europe" will be held from May 13th to May 19th in the Cinema Europe (Kino Europa). In addition to regular guests such as Slavoj Zizek, Tariq Ali, Gianni Vattimo, Gayatri Spivak, and Samir Amin, leading intellectuals of our time such as Stéphane Hessel, Michael Hardt, Saskia Sassen, Renata Salecl, Christian Marazzi, Bernard Cassen, Costas Douzinas, Eric Toussaint and others have confirmed their participation. Every evening from 19.00 until 23.00 they will present keynote lectures and participate in round-table discussions on the possible futures of Europe. The Forum wil also discuss the founding of a Balkan Forum in which over forty organisations, trade unions and individuals will come together in an attempt to lay the foundations for future collaboration and networking in both European and worldwide movements with the aim of further integration.

Croatia: Subversive Forum in Zagreb (May 13-19, 2012)

Subversive Forum

***Live-streaming*** Žižek, Ali, Spivak, Cassen, Hardt, Sassen, Salecl, Marazzi, Amin and many others.

We are delighted to inform all of you who won't be able to join us in Zagreb that many Subversive Forum events (the evening lectures, Central European Time) will be live streamed on the VERSO BOOKS website at the following address:
Subversive Festival will live stream all keynote lectures and round-tables from***7pm-9pm and 9pm-11pm CET***: 

1) Opening round-table "The Crisis of Europe", Saturday 13.5. / 19.00, with Slavoj Žižek, Gianni Vattimo, Tariq Ali & Srećko Horvat

2) Keynote lecture, 14.5. / 19.00 Saskia Sassen, "The Global Street: making the political"

3) Round-table "The long wave of dissent: from social forums to occupy", 15.5. / 19.00, with Samir Amin, Bernard Cassen, Eric Toussaint & Toni Prug

4) Keynote lecture, 15.5. / 21.00 Tariq Ali, "The rotten heart of Europe"

5) Round-table "Commons in Europe - old or new battleground?", 16.5. / 21.00, with Michael Hardt, Costas Douzinas, Segolene Pruvot & Vedran Horvat

6) Keynote lecture, Michael Hardt, "What to do in a crisis?", 17.5. / 21.00

7) Keynote lecture, Gayatri Spivak, "Future, pasts, languages - Balkans", 18.5 / 21.00


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