Dhaka: South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh opening rally

18th November, 2011. The inauguration march opening the SASF (South Asian Social Forum) took place today, attracting more than a thousand participants from the region and international ones as well. From Shahbag Jadughar it reached Shahid Minar, where the Inaugural ceremony started at 4.30 pm. The Forum will start its plenary sessions and workshops on the 19th and end on the 21 of November. An "extended" series of events is also planned with teleconferences, allowing distance participation.

Dhaka: South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh opening rally

South Asia Social Forum 2011

South Asia Social Forum Bangladesh is a process of World Social Forum. The event was initially planned by the WSF International Council Expansion Commission in its Morocco meeting to focus on Democracy. The process of organizing the event in Bangladesh is carried out by the collective initiative of individuals and grassroots organizations.

All events take place at the Dhaka University.

In order to allow people from all over the world to participate to the South Asia Social Forum activities, an online participation has been forseen, called "SASF extended"

Program summary:
On the 19th of November, two plenaries start at 10 AM:

1. Contemporary Movement and Thoughts (10am-1pm), Senate Auditorium

2. Gender and Equity, (10am-1pm), TSC Auditorium

Afternoon plenaries:

3. Participatory Democracy and People’s Movements (2pm-5pm), TSC Auditorium

4. Globalization, justice and development, (2pm-5pm), Conference Room, Department of Women and Gender Studies, 4th Floor, Arts Building


On the 20th of November, the plenaries in the morning are:

5. Responsive Governance (10am-1pm), Senate Auditorium

6. Media and Cultural Hegemony (10am-1pm), Bangla Academy Auditorium

For the afternoon, other two themes:

7. Human Rights and Dignity (2pm-5pm), Senate Bhaban Seminar Room, 1st Floor

8. Public Services, Privatization and Entitlement, (2pm-5pm), TSC Auditorium 
On the 21st of November, morning:

9. Fundamentalism, Conflict and Societal Peace (10am-1pm), TSC Auditorium 

10. Regional and Trans-boundary Concerns (10am-1pm), Senate Auditorium For the afternoon, 

11. Food Sovereignty & Livelihood Security (2pm-5pm), Senate Auditorium Contemporary Movement and Thoughts (2pm-5pm) BBA Faculty Auditorium 
See the complete program and the sub-thematic Plenary Details


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